with Kelly Prudente, XD and Hunter Carr, AD 


The Northern Triangle, the region made up of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, has been rocked by civil wars and violence since the 1980s. It's a crisis that has forced tens of thousands of its citizens to leave their homes in search of a safer life. 

While many seek refuge in the United States, most Americans are unaware of the situation's severity.


Give people the opportunity to gain knowledge, build empathy, and humanize migrants seeking safety by building an experience that puts the user in the shoes of a migrant. 


All situations used in the experience are based on events that have been reported by migrants. 


El Triangulo was made with the intent to be difficult. The experience is reflective of the nearly impossible journey that migrants embark on in hopes of a better life. At the end of each experience, people are lead to donate to WOLA, a research and aid organization advancing human rights in the Americas.